Reviews & Testimonials

“I love Kristine’s work. She had all my projects done ahead of time and ready for me to review. Never had a late project to turn in. She’s very reasonable and flexible, works with your schedule and willing to make any changes you need. Look forward to working with her on my future projects.”
-Otis C.

“I met Hutch in A-school, and we’ve been good friends ever since. I can vouch for her skills and professionalism because her job in the service as an AZ (Aviation Maintenance Administrationman) requires high ranking service members to be in your business, and you have to be on top of your game, I highly recommend her services to anyone.”
-Joseph Rousell, Author of Casey Vice: Spitfire of Vengeance

“Kristine helped me with writing a professional cover letter for an international internship. She was able to help me by making concise sentences and paragraphs. She was able to review and edit my cover letter within a timely period acknowledging my deadline. When looking at my cover letter she provided me a final draft with all the edits she has done. My cover letter was grammar free, sweet, and to the point. I would use Kristine’s services again in the future.”
-Cassie H.

“Everything went smoothly and as agreed. I got precisely what I wanted.” 👍
-Robert K.

“I love to read what Kristine sees, feels and observes as a caregiver. She writes honestly, sincerely and with so much passion. Kristine has allowed those of us on the outside to catch a glimpse of the struggles she and her wife go through. I appreciate the honesty about their struggles, but also the humanity she imparts regarding the people they deal with on their journey. You can truly feel the love they share, the sadness they endure, and the absolute faith they place in each other. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs!”
-Jennifer K.

“Kristine, you’re truly amazing! ❤️ [Being a] Caregiver is a huge responsibility. What ever you do, [however] you do it, [and] helping others in need is a great experience and [they are] truly blessed! You are my hero .”
-Tess H.

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