Kristine’s portfolio showcases various projects created and completed throughout her freelancing career. She also has writing samples provided in the link above.


American Copy Editor Society (ACES) Member (https://aceseditors.org/)
Poynter American Copy Editors Society Certificate in Editing (October 2020)
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (2013)


Rosary Prayer Book – Amazon.com 12/23/19

“I loved your little Rosary book— best I’ve ever seen on the topic! It is beautiful. Glad you included the luminous mysteries, the promises and the Fatima prayer. I liked some of the other prayers as well. The history was good to.Great little guide.”
-Joanie C.

“This book will be a go to resource for me. It is concise, practical, and easy to understand and follow. Rosary Prayer Book also contains information on the history of the Rosary and some additional helpful prayers. It is a perfect book to have at your bedside as well as a great gift for those you care about. I learned a lot.”

Editor for Eat Sh*t And Die by David Clark – #1 Bestselling Author, Extreme Athlete, and Host of WeAreSuperman Podcast (Nonfiction)

Current Project: Editor for Fiction Rom-Com novel Rules for Dating a Bookshop Owner by S.C. Gray. Release Date: October 26, 2021

Editor for Nonfiction book by Carmen Wimbley

“I have told this story of my trials and tribulations with the legal system to attorneys, judges, courts, politicians, bureaucrats, acquaintances, family, friends, on occasion to strangers and most are in disbelief that these events actually happened as I have described them. I have added the actual supporting documentation to the text to give my account creditability and legitimacy.” (Carmen Wimbley)

     This story will be eye opening, enlightening and educating to people everywhere, especially those who find themselves in predicaments such as hers. Please help support Carmen in any way that you can!


Editor for episode screenplay and synopses for a ten-episode series (Screenplay) by Pat Dalton

Editor for Memoir of a Palestinian woman’s life from the 1950’s to the present (nonfiction)
Laura Broniak

Editor and Drafter for upcoming book Written by Gary Kephart (Poetry)

Editor for various Children’s Books including Chapter Books and Picture Books Written by Kathy Spencer (Children’s Fiction)

“Kristine did a great job on my stories. My chapter book was especially difficult and challenging. Kristine was professional and asked questions along the way so that my voice was heard. She did such a great job I kept giving her more work. I would recommend Kristine for any writing project you have and need help with.”
-Kathy Spencer, Children’s Books Author

Editor for Novel Written by Dan Fijolek (Fiction)

“My experience working with Kristine has been invaluable. As a writer, I can honestly say the quality of her work is exceptional. I’m a poet by nature and my writing can get lofty and carried away at times. She has done a fantastic job of tightening up my complex writing style in ways I was not capable of doing after self-editing several revisions myself. She has a great eye for focusing on clarity while allowing the integrity of the complicated thematic elements my writing is exploring to shine through. I have found her to be extremely easy to work with, highly responsive, and totally reliable. In addition to all of that, I find her fees to be a value in an industry filled with average work and over-inflated egos. I have just started writing the first in a seven-book series and plan on using Kristine throughout the entire project.”
-Dan Fijolek, Fiction Novel Author

**Current Project** Editor for Upcoming Sequel to Casey Vice: Spitfire of Vengeance Written by Joseph Rousell (Adult Fiction)

“I met Hutch in A-school, and we’ve been good friends ever since. I can vouch for her skills and professionalism because her job in the service as an AZ (Aviation Maintenance Administrationman) requires high ranking service members to be in your business, and you have to be on top of your game, I highly recommend her services to anyone.”
-Joseph Rousell, Author of Casey Vice: Spitfire of Vengeance

Typist/Editor for Nonfiction work by Patrick Valentine

Editor for Document About Politics in the Country of Fiji (Nonfiction) -Laura Broniak

“Kristine did a fantastic job with a challenging manuscript and completed the project on time. Working with her was a breeze from exchanging raw and finished product to payment options. I would definitely work with her again in the future.”
-Laura B.

Patients Rising – Published Articles and Podcast Interview

May 7, 2021 – Don’t Stifle Medical Innovation! (Patients Rising Podcast)

Challenges of the Full Time Caregiver (June 2019)
Can You Get Paid to Care for a Loved One? (December 2019)
Fighting Insurance for My Family’s Needs (April 2020)

Published Opinion Article – Colorado Politics

May 5, 2021 https://www.coloradopolitics.com/opinion/feedback-drug-board-is-wrong-rx-for-colorado/article_30ebdaf0-9e78-11eb-838f-c35964f003d5.html

Blog – The Life of a Caregiver


Kristine started this blog to tell you about her life as a full-time caregiver. Her hope is that her experience can help others and to let them know that they are not alone in being a caregiver. She is hoping to be an advocate for some and encouragement to all. There are a lot of things that happen that people don’t know about, and she is here to shed some light on those things to family, friends, healthcare professionals, and the LGBTQ community.

“I love to read what Kristine sees, feels and observes as a caregiver. She writes honestly, sincerely and with so much passion. Kristine has allowed those of us on the outside to catch a glimpse of the struggles she and her wife go through. I appreciate the honesty about their struggles, but also the humanity she imparts regarding the people they deal with on their journey. You can truly feel the love they share, the sadness they endure, and the absolute faith they place in each other. Thank you for sharing the ups and downs!”
-Jennifer K.

“Kristine, you’re truly amazing! ❤️ [Being a] Caregiver is a huge responsibility. What ever you do, [however] you do it, [and] helping others in need is a great experience and [they are] truly blessed! You are my hero .”
-Tess H.

American Copy Editor Society (ACES) Member (https://aceseditors.org/)
Business + Professional Development for Editors
Editors’ Association of Earth
Caregivers Hub Support Group
Patients Rising Member Community