KH Editing and Writing Services had its start in June of 2019 by Kristine Hutchinson. Since then, Kristine has worked with many different clients doing different types of editing/writing

Kristine is a United States Navy Veteran. She served for four years from 2006 to 2010 in the Aviation Administration field. She went to places like Dubai and Bahrain, and even Portugal. Kristine went through Basic Training in Great Lakes, Illinois. Her first duty station was in Northern California on Tavis AFB. Her next assignment was on Whidbey Island, Washington, where she was honorably discharged from.

In 2013, Kristine went to college and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Johnson and Wales University.

Kristine has always enjoyed hiking and being outdoors, especially with her wife. She also enjoys the company of a good book whenever time allows. She loves spending time with her family and friends whenever this crazy life and schedule allows them to be together.

Currently Kristine is working as a Caregiver for her wife, Candace. Candace has many different types of autoimmune diseases that are life-threatening. Kristine had to quit her conventional 40 Hour a week job to stay home and take care of her, which has been a great experience.

Kristine’s love of writing started as a child. Kristine started out using her writing skills as an outlet to tell people about her caregiving experiences and to be able to turn to others for support. It has now transformed from writing articles for a nonprofit organization into something that she is doing for a living and enjoys very much. Kristine looks forward to increasing her writing experience even more and can’t wait to see where her writing journey brings her next!

American Copy Editor Society (ACES) Member (https://aceseditors.org/)
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Editors’ Association of Earth
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