About the Blog

Kristine started this blog to tell you about her life as a full-time caregiver. Her hope is that her experience can help others and to let them know that they are not alone in being a caregiver. She is hoping to be an advocate for some and encouragement to all. There are a lot of […]

What it Takes to Stay Alive

Let me give you a rundown about how my weeks normally go. They can get extremely chaotic, and it seems like we always have something going on, but hey, who doesn’t these days? It makes life interesting, and it builds character. Between taking care of Candace, the kids, the dog, the house, trying to stay […]

Poor Treatment: Part 3

My wife and I have dealt with bad, mean, and ignorant doctors and nurses together. The people in the medical field are in this line of work in order to help people. Not when it’s easy, not when it’s convenient, not because they have to. These individuals chose this line of work and for some […]

Poor Treatment: Part 2

Fun Times at the ERThe first hospitalization that Candace and I went through together was in September of 2016. I was actually at a Luke Bryan concert when it happened. I was able to be in communication with her via text, until she stopped texting me back. I didn’t know that she was having any […]

Poor Treatment: Part 1

ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. People get transferred to this department from the ER if they are stable enough, or they come to this department post-surgery. My wife, Candace, has ended up in ICU for both of these reasons at different times.  Risks at ICUSanitation is so important in ICU. This is the place […]

So Here’s the Deal…

A lot of people haven’t heard of any of the diseases that my wife has, or maybe have only heard of one or two. I’d like to elaborate and educate those who don’t know what kind of auto-immune diseases my wife has and what challenges and experiences we have had with them. Most of these […]

What is a Caregiver?

What is a caregiver? When I typed in that question into “Google” search, this was what I got: “A family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.” Does anybody REALLY know what all that entails? Doesn’t sound too bad, right? In my opinion, I think […]